From Tonga to Aotearoa

Maloelelei , my name is Justin and I was born and raised in the kingdom of Tonga. I now live in New Zealand with my wife Helen of 16 years and our two boys John and Justin Jnr.

Growing up in Tonga the coconut tree is an essential part of our daily life. Tongan people, Pacific Island people describes the coconut tree as, ‘The Tree of Life’, it provides us with coconut milk to drink, coconut oil for cooking, coconut oil to moisturize our skin and hair, and used to build our homes and many more…….

However Pacific Island people are clueless about the nutritional and the Health benefits of using coconut oils in your food and diet, and because we too did not know a lot about the benefits of coconut oil we decided to do a little research of our own about coconut oils and our first reaction to what we were reading was, WOW!! this is probably the best and healthiest oil on the planet!.

Coconut Oil is high in natural saturated fat that helps lower your cholesterol levels, coconut oil contains Lauric Acid that strengthens your immune system and many more we recommend that you just Google it and read all the benefits of using Organic Virgin Coconut Oils.

We named our coconut oil Niumotu’u (Matured coconuts), because coconut oil are extracted from coconuts that have matured over time and secondly the word Niumotu’u connects us to our roots in Tonga and as Pacific Island People.

Our mission is not only to sell Niumotu’u Organic Virgin Oil but to educate our community, our Pacific Island people about the health benefits of what coconut oils offers and what coconut oils can be used for and to convince Pacific Island people to substitute their everyday canola oils with Niumotu’u Organic Virgin Coconut Oils.

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